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Q: Any advice for a wide nose with a ball on the tip? Carla, Las Vegas, USA

A: Wide bulbous noses respond best to reduction rhinoplasty with narrowing of the nose bones and tip cartilages can often lead to a nice result. Visit with a plastic surgeon to discuss the risks, benefits and recovery and, most plastics will offer some computer simulation of the surgery so you can evaluate the range of options


Q: Is breast augmentation & liposuction at same time safe or is it too much all at once? Wendy, Beverly Hills, USA

A: Combination procedures in plastic surgery are commonly performed. In general the incidence of complication rises with longer procedures and multiple surgeries, but there are many instances and variables that are important and combination procedures can be performed safely. You and your plastic surgeon will decide if this is right for you in your case.


Q:  I would like to know the risks and possible side effects of having Facetite. I have recently seen information on it while visiting my relatives in the USA.  Is it available in India?  Molly, Kerala India


A: Facetite is a non-excisional skin tightening device. It can be performed under local anesthesia and gives some of the best “non-facelift” tightening available.  For the properly selected patient, it is a great procedure. Like all medical procedures, there are some minor and rarely medical complications that need to be reviewed with your physician.  For a full list of physicians, visit their website to see if it is available in your area.


Q: Can I have Fraxel or IPL for age spot removal as I am an Eastern Asian Skin colour and have heard it is dangerous for my skin colour? - Anne, Windsor ON Canada

A: Care should be careful when treating darker skin types.  A combination of both will help with spots and will treat surface irregularities.  Make sure you see a qualified medical professional for treatments.


Q:  How can I improve tummy tuck results. Do new treatments such as Zeltiq work in my case? Sarah, Detroit MI USA

 A: Yes, Zeltiq works as does the many other non surgical techniques to help enhance your results and smooth out your contours.   Other devices that address this as well are:

Zerona, TiteFX, SmoothShapes, Excelis, Venus Freeze, VelaShape, TriActive, UltraShape, Liposonix, LPG endermologie, Accent, Ulthera, and Pelleve.

Your medical practitioner will advise you on which system is right for you and how many treatments to proceed with.


Q:  Could I Have Damaged My Rhinoplasty After a Year By Squeezing Blackheads? - Tony, Manitoba, Canada


A: Your Rhinoplasty result is safe 12 months later from “popping blackheads”, but you skin may not be.  You can scar your skin.  You should seek medical assistance with your skin and have proper physician overseen skin care and peels to eliminate and prevent the blackheads from forming.  If your pores are large, you can seek fractional treatments to resurface the area and correct the texture of your skin.


Q: Is liposuction a good option to remove the excess fat I have from pregnancy?  I have lost all of the weight but still have a "mommy tummy". - Karen R. Guelph, ON Canada

A: Yes, it can be.  There are many variables to keep in mind when it comes to any surgery and it will be up to you and your plastic surgeon to determine if liposuction is the right procedure for you.  Liposuction can be done in several ways and either under local or general sedation.  In some cases a combination of Radio Frequency and Liposuction can be performed to tighten loose skin.  Occasionally we use other lasers to facilitate the fat removal process and enable a faster recovery.  Liposuction is a good option for many and certainly worth having a consultation with your local plastic surgeon to see if it's right for you.


Q: How do I get rid of under eye bags? - Lisa N. Toronto, ON Canada  

A: I get this question a lot and it comes down to knowing why the circles are there.  Is it hereditary?  Is it an underlying medical condition?  After determining the reason and if I can treat it, there are a few options.

- injections - I can fill the trough area.  By adding a filler between the skin and the vessels, they can appear less and the circle is diminished

- lasers - I can perform laser treatments fairly close to the eye.  IPL can help reduce the colour by targeting the visible blood vessels.  RF will help stimulate and build collagen which will reduce the visibility of the vessels.


Q: I have dark circles and have been told they are from my allergies, is there anything I can do? - Tina  

A: Allergies may help with the swelling and you should persue that with your physician. Sunken hallowness of the lower lids are often improved with soft tissue fillers to the area. Dark lower lids, depending on your skin type may be due to an accumulaton of dark blue veins, deep under the skin called venous engorgement. IPL is unlikely to help but a long pulsed NdYAG vein laser often does.


Q: Is It normal to breakout in painful acne after laser resurfacing? - Joyce, Calgary AB Canada


A: Sometimes the heat and micro damage, by the laser can create skin swelling and block ducts that activate acne initially.  Topical treatment will help control the breakouts and once the skin has healed from the laser resurfacing, the acne breakouts will subside.


Q: How do you know if is a hematoma or seroma? What's the difference? Belinda, Kitchener ON Canada


A:  First, seek medical attention.  A seroma is a fluid build up in the area for surgical treatment while a hematoma is a localized collection of blood.   In either case, medical attention is needed to advise on the treatment course in the area.


Q: Am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty, I'm 16 and hate my nose? Kevin, Waterloo, ON Canada

A: Under the advice of a plastic surgeon and depending on the condition, rhinoplasty might be a procedure for you.  However, in general, I like to wait until the nose has “matured” and stops growing and this usually happens at the age of 18.  Surgery performed before the nose has finished forming can lead to unpredictable long term results.


Q: Is it normal to feel pain weeks after an otoplasty? Louise, LA USA

A: All pain must be reviewed with your plastic surgeon.  They will advise if your pain is normal in your situation.  Each person is unique and each surgery is unique.


Q: How can I correct a nose bump without surgery? Norris, Dallas TX USA


A: Depending on the condition of the nose a well trained physician can use soft tissue filler to enhance the nose, soften bumps, reshape the tip and make the nose look more balanced.  Keep in mind, rhinoplasty is permanent and injectables are not long term. Injectable nose jobs carry with them some risk, so review with your physician.


Q: I am short and small and a 34 A. How Many CC's Do I Need for a Full C Cup? Sheila, Victoria BC Canada


A: This is a decision you need to make with your plastic surgeon.  It’s not as easy as just “cc” amounts.  You need to choose type, size and shape.  All of these will depend largely on the shape of your breast and the contours of your silhouette. Many practices now use a Vectra 3D breast imaging system that can help you pick both the size and shape of your breast implant before your decide to have the surgery


Q: How can  I make my “pug nose” look better? Julia, Thunderbay ON Canada


A: Injectable rhinoplasty will help reshape the tip and add volume where necessary.  Balancing out the nose and face will all      be the key to a beautiful nose.  “Pug” or “Bulbous” noses can also be improved with      a rhinoplasty surgery.


Q: What can be done for scars on legs? Stacey, London UK


A:  Laser treatments can often help with reducing scars but this depends on the scar, the colour of your skin and the condition of the skin.  You need to have a consultation with a physician skilled in scar management and laser therapy to see if laser scar revision is an option for you.  A combination of IPL and fractional lasers can be used to help reduce the appearance of the scar.  For indents, soft tissue filler or fat transfer can help reduce the indent and make the area smoother appearing.


Q: When will I see the swelling in my face go down after a face and neck lift, it’s been 10 weeks?  David, Louisville KY USA


A: Healing and resolution of swelling after face and necklift surgery can take up to six month to a year to see the full results. It is common to have swelling in the jowls at 10 weeks, but important to follow up with your surgeon as there can be underlying fluid collections that may be treatable.


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