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Lifestyle Changes


Cosmetic surgery is a big step. Pre- and post- lifestyle changes help your recovery and create better outcomes. Like diet, exercise, sleep …


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Designer Vaginas

“There is no reason why you should have 15 products for your face and zero products on your vagina,” says Lo Bosworth. Although we don’t recommend putting a gajillion products on or in your down-there (as it’s not supported by science), we do agree that women…


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Aesthetic Innovation Tour - Washington DC

Have you watched Dr. Mulholland's workshop in Washington DC yet?

Sponsored by Cynosure, Dr. Mulholland did a two day lecture on aesthetics and the art of practice management with a live demo for the weekend of February 24th.

Watch the summary video …


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Acne Will Retain Your Youth

Whether you've struggled with acne in your teen years or you're fighting through the common skin issue as an adult, we got some good news for you!

People suffering with acne will look younger longer! Thanks to their longer telomeres, it…


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Collagen Supplements: Is It Worth Your Money?

Collagen is said to boost our health and maintain our youth. Luckily we naturally produce these proteins in our bodies, but it's said to decrease as we age. So by the time we are at the age of 50, we lose about half our level of collagen in our bodies due to lack of skincare and nutrition, causing fine lines, sagging, as well as weak bone…


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SpaMedica CoolSculpting Demonstrate at Park Hyatt Toronto

MedSpa team: Jennifer, Danielle, Lola, Marsha and Laurel



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Botox: 3 Problems You Didn’t Realize It Can Treat

Source: SpaMedica. This patient received Botox injections to her crow's…


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Look Your Best In Time For The Holidays

You can start a few beauty routines and habits to look great in time for the holidays.

Not everyone is happy about the approaching winter, but Christmas and New Year’s Eve are always exciting holidays that many of us anticipate. People catch the holiday spirit and the holidays allow us to spend time with family and friends. But in our digital world today, there will be lots of pictures taken and tagged during these festive moments..That’s a lot…


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Travelling Abroad For Cosmetic Surgery

Countries in Asia, South America and Europe are taking advantage of the emergence of medical tourism by welcoming tourists and happily performing cosmetic procedures at competitive prices. Instead of paying full prices for procedures in North America or the U.K, people are flying to developing countries to save thousands of dollars on their surgeries. So, how much do surgeries actually cost in other countries? Let’s just say if someone would have to pay anywhere from $6000 to $12,000 for a…


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How To Treat Your Irritating Rosacea

What is rosacea?

Rosacea, a skin condition, usually affects the face. People with rosacea have redness on their face, and if it’s left untreated, red bumps and pimples can develop on the skin. They have redness that doesn’t seem to go away or they frequently have flushed or blushing on their nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. This skin condition is typically seen in men…


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Is Liposuction Right For Your Body Type?

Find out if your body type is right for liposuction.

People of all body types look into liposuction to achieve the silhouette they want. Even for those who have small frames and statures, they can still have stubborn fat in areas like thighs, abdomen and knees. These body areas are known to be difficult to shape up through diet and exercise. Liposuction approaches such as the …


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How To Treat Your Acne Scars

Most of us know what it’s like to have acne. Whether you had it as a teenager or as an adult, it doesn’t look or feel good to have unwanted bumps on your face. Although they’re little bumps on the face, they sure can wreak havoc on someone’s self-esteem.

Acne is caused by a variety of factors like genetics or diet choices. More aestheticians and doctors believe there…


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Bushy Eyebrows: Why They’re Trendy and How to Get Them

Bushy eyebrows are in. Celebrities and models, such as Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne, are known and adored for their dark, thick brows. Bushy brows are sought out now because they do a great job in framing a person’s face and opening up their eyes. A pair of thick eyebrows actually makes a person look younger, too. Meanwhile, over-plucked and pencil-thin brows can…


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How To Combat Your Annoying Cellulite

One of women's peskiest enemies is cellulite, a condition where the skin looks dimpled and lumpy. Cellulite is sometimes referred to as the "cottage cheese" or "orange peel" syndrome because of how it looks like on skin. This condition makes many women…


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Slow Down The Signs Of Wrinkles

Slow down the signs of wrinkles

Getting wrinkles is an inevitable, natural process. Though we can’t stop it, there are plenty of ways to slow down the process of getting wrinkles. As a person gets older, their skin loses elasticity and tautness since there’s reduced levels of collagen. Once a woman is in her late 20s, a woman breaks down collagen faster than she makes it. This process gets faster once she hits her 30s and…


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Rhinoplasty with Vectra 3D Imaging

In the past, there has been up to a 20-30% revision rate for patients undergoing rhinoplasty or nose job surgery.  A very large part of these revisions were due to the perceptual and visual expectations of the patient being different from the…


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Dr. Mulholland Visits China to Teach BodyTite Liposuction

Dr. Mulholland recently visited China to lead hands-on BodyTite Liposuction workshops. He also gave lectures on …


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Don’t Let Male Boobs Get in the Way

Gynecomastia, informally known as “man boobs”, is a common condition in men and boys. This condition involves the swelling and enlargement of the breasts in newborn males, boys and older men. According to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, breast enlargement resolves after a period of time but for eight per cent of boys, the condition…


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Pan G Lift Restores Youth and Great Skin

It’s very common for Dr. Mulholland’s patients to feel young, as if they were in their 20s. However, they usually say they don’t look like how they feel; their physical appearance just doesn’t match their energetic personalities.

In order to rejuvenate their face and skin, some people may decide to have a…


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SpaMedica's Laser Hair Removal Technology featured on The Morning Show

Dr. Krajden and the SpaMedica team were featured on The Morning Show today. The Morning Show can be seen on weekdays from 6am to 9am in Toronto. Topics such as news, weather and entertainment are covered on the show as well as interviews with celebrities and…


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