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Houston Radiofrequency Workshop: Hello Fractora

I was in the big oil city of Houston, Texas, this past weekend. The economy has not suffered there much, most of the year it’s hot and sunny and patients, much like the ones in Canada, are intensely interested in new anti-aging treatments and skin…


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DIY or the medispa?

The at home market has exploded with many types of DIY lasers, micro currents, skin polishers and acne machines. As a consumer, do you spend a few hundred and try it at home or do you bite the bullet and spend the cash on the MedSpa? My answer is both, ideally, but if you can only do one then choose wisely.

There are many at home use products out in the market that can serve as very good maintenance treatments post medical spa series. For example, if you have a series of professional laser… Continue

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Putting the best foot forward

A quick glance around a pool, the beach or even a patio when you are on vacaition and you'll see why the feet are now taking a spotlight in the cosmetic aesthetic space. It's not just about a pedicure as patients are seeking bunion surgery, laser spot removal and "pillows". By saying pillows, I am referring to the technique of injecting the pads of the feet with HA filler to reduce the pain caused by your Sky high Louboutins. As we all know, fashion never dictates comfort!

As with all… Continue

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Mix it up

I am often asked why I choose to use more than one technique or device during a procedure. Many of the programs I have created both surgically and non-surgically are proprietary because they include several different modalities. Offering a blend of services really does create a unique offering my patients like and that deliver results.

Combining technologies, whether it is lasers, different energy sources or complimentary services, ensures that my patients are getting the best selection of… Continue

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The Contours

I am often asked whether one should have liposuction or if they should have a non-surgical solution. My answer is always the same, it depends on the condition, the patient, the goals and expectations. The conditions that we treat with liposuction are generally in patients with good medical health, local areas of focal fat and a clear understanding of the risks and downtime needed for liposuction. New techniques make the downtime today much less than previous techniques. A patient can have… Continue

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The long term solution to early morning make up

Permanent make up has been used now for many years. Recent years have seen a large number of cosmetic make up artists working within medical facilities to provide paramedical make up. What is paramedical make up? Its's the use of permanent make up for correcting such concerns as hypo pigmentation, alopecia, scars and birth marks. Carefully placed pigment can conceal colour irregularities and enhance hairlines. The uses have extended far beyond eyeliner and lip colour. Permanent cosmetic… Continue

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Cheek to cheek

A procedure gaining popularity is the dimple creation. Dimples are seen as youthful when seen in adolescents and children and as we age, they are seen as appealing in adults. Why?

To understand this you need to understand why dimples happen. They are a deformity caused by the muscles of the cheek and lips( the buccinator). When the muscles move and pull the tissue a pucker or fold forms and the dimple becomes visible. The facial movemets made, such as smiling, causes the dimples to… Continue

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Acne Scar transformation

Acne scarring impacts the lives of many men and women. The psychological impact of scars can affect self esteem, social interactions and confidence. How does it all start? When the lesion forms it creates damage to the collagen and this damage can cause discolouration and pits in the skin. Sometimes these scars are not as evident when they first occur but as we age and skin colour darkens and loses volume, the scarring can become more evident.

What can we do to prevent and heal the… Continue

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The why in neurotoxins .....

An interesting article on neurotoxins and the motivation of the patients having the treatments. I found that in my practice most women and men want to hav etreatments like neurotoxins so they can look fresher, rested, youthful but not to look 20 again. It's all about looking and feeling your best at every age.…


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The social media jungle

This is a good article on the social media jungle. As a medical professional it can be challenging to determine how to market to your patients but to not exagerate their expectations.

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Hair here, hair there

It's not headline news that you can rid yourself of unwanted hair with lasers. We've been waxing, tweezing, threading, shaving and performing electrolysis for years before the introduction of lasers came along, making our lives hair free and smooth for months at a time (and sometimes years). What about permanent?

Signs across the city show "permanent hair removal" "remove unwanted hair forever" etc. This is simply an impossible statement that sets your patient up to be unhappy with their… Continue

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Do you know the difference?

Do you know the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is the Specialty dedicated to the reconstruction of the body and face from defects that have occurred from trauma, birth defects, and diseases.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is the art of enhancing the face and body through surgical or medical means solely for cosmetic purposes.

Did you have the right definition? Let me know what you think by posting your comments!

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It's the doctor not the device you want!

This is a good article discussing the difference between liposuction procedures. The common theme - it's not the device you need to think about. You want to have a qualified Plastic Surgeon performing the service. The devices and methods are all good, it's the hands and head that perform the service that make it successful.…


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Less is more and too much is just that ... too much!

You Tube, Facebook, Google, Flikr, and Photobucket (just to name a few)has helped our industry blossom and become more socially acceptable.  We now have patients sharing their very personal moments on camera with us.  We can see their nervousness, their anticipation, their hopes and their dreams right on film and see that they share our thoughts and feelings.  With these great advancements, like everything, there is a very dark side to all the "reality".  It's the patients going to extremes…


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Lighten up

These days we all look a little closer when a spot appears on our face or body. We have our dermatologists mole map us and check each area for slight changes or signs that something may be worth looking at a little closer. Once you have determined that the spot is just that; a spot, the treatment for pigmented lesions (that's the term we use in the cosmetic medical space) has come a long way from the days of Skinglow bleach paste!

At home products can help prelighten before proceeding with… Continue

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Skin rejuvenation for two please

A new trend we are seeing in cosmetic enhancement is the growing number of couples seeking the experise of a skin rejuvenation specialist.  Whether it is sharing the same dermatologist, the same plastic surgeon or the same cosmetic physician, couples are looking together at a more youthful future. 

As we age gracefully we see little things that each other can improve or correct.  Something as simple as photorejuvenation for sun damage or perhaps something larger like an expanding…


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Liquid assets

Lately there has been more coverage in the media about non-surgical services. Partly because they have improved so much in the last decade but also because the fears of plastic surgery has come forefront with celebrity deaths and botch ups. One commonly heard procedure is the liquid facelift or liquid lift. This is a relatively safe way of producing an impressive result without a knife and the risks associated with surgery. Certainly, as a plastic surgeon, I will tell you that the best result… Continue

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Cosmeceuticals vs skin care

I am often asked what the difference is between skin care you can buy in a cosmetic physicians office and over the counter cosmetic skin care. Although some skin care is better than soap and water, the difference between the two are vast. Cosmeceuticals prescribed to use from a physician have more active ingredients and generally are medical grade. The most important part of medical skin care is that it comes with the advice and best use instructions from your skin care expert. The products in… Continue

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The sweat on your brow

From the sweat on your brow to the dampness of the underarm and palms, you sweat it, we fix it.  There are a few options on the market, some more invasive and expensive than others but overall, for lasting relief from embarassing wetness, Miradry or neurotoxins are your best options.

Miradry uses microwave technology to destroy the sweat glands.  This is a permanent solution however, make sure it`s administered by a licenced health care professional. You`ll need two treatments spaced…


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