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I was in Ft. Lauderdale for the second weekend of the new year, teaching Florida physicians the exciting new procedure that is sweeping the country, Neograft. 


Neograft is an outomated hair transplantation  procedure that moves single follicular unit transplants from the back of the scalp to the thinning areas in the front or back of the…


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Fat transplantation and rebalancing the face

Have you ever wanted to get a lift, soften facial lines, fill in hollows under the eyes or just look a few years younger but want to avoid the scalpel? Look into lifting and rebalancing your facial features with your own fat.

Your fat is harvested from an area of abundance in your body; hips, buttocks and abdomen are good places to take from. I choose areas where I know I can remove the fat safely without disrupting the contour of the body. You don't need general anesthetic in most… Continue

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Busy Year!

I kicked-off my busiest consulting and physician workshop year in 2012.  With 5 different companies and over 40 weekend courses, it will be an amazing year full of new procedures and technological advances.


I spent the first weekend of the new year with physicians in New York city, where I was teaching and demonstrating the newest and most effective advanced facial aging, skin rejuvenation procedure called the FractoraFracial. The procedure is performed once weekly for  8…


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I finished off 2011 with a flurry of high level physician teaching courses. One of the more important technology advances has been the Cellulazer from Cynosure. This laser procedure is performed under local anesthesia, take one hour and the patient can go home afterwards.  The cellulazer fiber is inserted under the skin directly into the cellulite.




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Discolourations and the way to clarity

How does discolouration in the skin start?  It starts with sun damage and hormonal changes.  The cycle begins ... A signal is sent to activate an enzyme called TYROSINASE.  This makes the skin cells, the melanocytes, produce melanin pigment.  The pigment starts to form groups.  These groups are then sent to the dermis.  Some make it up higher in the dermis and some remain deeper in the dermis.  The longer you continue this cycle of damage, the more prominent and difficult the lesions are to…


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"bro" tox?

The interesting names that are given to some of the treatments we do everyday are pretty catchy. The latest one is "brotox". Last year there were over 300,000 males that opted for botox injections. Men are now seeing the value in looking your best and looking refreshed. Dating and competing for jobs makes us men realize the value in looking as young as we feel. While we want to believe that we compete for jobs on a playing field that judges us on our experience and education alone,… Continue

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The booming holiday season for surgery

This holiday season was one of my busiest. Whether the patients have more holiday time to consider recovery from surgery or if they've decided the best gift to give is a more beautiful self, the year 2011 saw more patients opting for the gift of youth.

The most important message to take from this and the article attached is that taking advantage of the downtime around the holidays can be a real bonus.  You'll have time to heal beofre returning to the bump and grind of our daily…


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Bridalplasty - Would you do it for your big day?

 Brides racing to the plastic surgeon before the big day is getting so mainstream that there is even a reality TV show about it.  A recent news story on ABC covered this growing trend.  Making sure that the brides understand that these surgical changes have to be decisions they make for themselves, that they are doing them with long term results in  mind and not just for the big day "wow" is a challenge for all surgeons and something we all make sure to screen carefully for.  The…


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