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If there was a will there would be a way

When I hear the statement "i just need to lose these last 10 pounds" I smile to myself and think, if there was a will, there is a way. Losing weight is not easy, I know. I fluctuate up and down. It is through a strick lifestyle change that I lose my wiggly bits and get myself into shape. I toy with the idea of doing marathons and iron man competitions but really, it's just a struggle to make sure I eat right and get some exercise let alone the hours of training required to do that!!  I keep…


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Should I have this enhanced?

Being a plastic surgeon I always get the same question whether chatting with friends or meeting new people; should I have this or that surgically enhanced? It's a loaded question and I'll try to address it here in simple terms and of course, without recommendation of either proceeding forward or seeking other options. Plastic surgery is a personal choice. It can't be made as a collective decision among a few gal pals over a glass of wine one evening or while shopping for new shoes. It's not…


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Pass me the vitamins please

I am a vitamin and supplement enthusiast. I completely agree with enhancing your already good diet and lifestyle with these vital additions. I sell supplements for good skin and health in my medical spa and advocate it pre and post surgery for my patients to look and feel their best.  I don't agree with using these as a means to balance out poor eating. Supplements can enhance your body, can make your skin look fresh and clear and can give you more energy. Some of the great supplements that…


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The best breast

I see hundreds of patients a year for breast reduction or augmentation.  Both enhancements will not only make your clothes fit better but the rest of your contours will likely benefit as well.  By enhancing the breasts and adding more volume your waist can look smaller and more defined.  Hips will look more balanced and in proportion.  Reductions help with back pain, shoulder discomfort and can help with better fitting clothes and sizing of dresses by making the body more…


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Look-alike or look yourself

In my practice I get a lot of patients that come in with pictures.  They have a clipping from the latest magazine and they want "this nose" or "those cheek bones".  Although these photos can give me a jump start on thier goals, it also is a clear indication of unrealistic expectations.  I usually just glance at the photo and either give it back to them or put it aside and bring the focus back to them; what do they want and can I achieve that for them.  I consider their anatomy, the procedure…


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Attention all ladies with thinning hair ....

I perform and lot of face and brow lifts in my practice and I find a lot of Women suffer the embarrassment of  hair loss. It is a common finding, the front and top goes thin, but never bald. Unlike for men, where balding can be cool (i.e. Bruce Willis) for women, it is an embarrassment and a constant battle with hair products and styles designed to camouflage the thinning hair.

For women, options for thinning hair have been limited. Medications, such as Rogan, Propecia do not work…


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FractoraFirm, Tite FX, Body Tite and Fractora

I spent last Saturday in Orange county speaking to a group of 70 southern california physicians on a new aesthetic Platform called Fractora-TiteFX(Invasix, Istael) . This versatile technology, developed by Invasix, allows the doctor to perform ablative fractional RF Skin resurfacing (the Fractora applicator), non-ablative RF skin tightening (the FIRM Applicator), as well as non-invasive fat reduction and cellulite…


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Shedding light in a dark place

One of the biggest complaints patients come into my medical spa to treat are under the eye area; eye circles, bags and deep eye troughs.  They age even the youngest of faces and to some degree, are a window into your health.

What causes these bags, circles and troughs?  All three are different causes and all three have different treatments I would reccomend, surgically and non-surgically. 

Let's begin with bags.  These can be caused by two things, fat deposits and fluid build…


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I was the keynote speaker at the recent Cynosure Laser company's National Sales Meeting. I was speaking on the value propositions that physicians are looking for in a technology and company in this disruptive economy and in particular, I focused on Cynosure's new Cellulazer FDA approval. I have worked with Cynosure on this "game changing" laser, which treats cellulite once and provides long term correction. The market for the …


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Natural vs Plastic

With the eve of the superbowl upon us I am thinking about the chatter that will happen in the office on Monday about the half time show; Madonna.  What did she wear, what did she look like.  Being a music enthusiast, I'm more likely to wonder what she performed and how it sounded but I am peaked a bit to see what she looks like.  She is a woman that seems to defy age.  Not in a plastic sense and not in a way that looks unusual.  She has found the balance, the sweet spot.  This is the area…


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