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Spring is here - show those legs!

Now that spring is here you must be thinking about your legs and how you can eliminate the unsightly cellulite when in a bathing suit or mini skirt.

A decade ago there was no solution.  Today there are surgical and non-surgical options like Cellulaze, Tite FX, Venus Freeze, VelaShape and much much more.  A good consultation and assessment of the area needs to be conducted first and then a decision needs to be made on how to proceed.  The option that is right for you will fit your…


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What does THAT mean?

Have you ever heard a plastic surgery term you didn't understand? Maybe you were researching something, or watching a show on tv. Sometimes it's a friend that drops the term and you stand there scratching your head asking - what does that mean and do I need to know about it?

Recently there Was an article that was directly at this topic to help consumers battle the terminology of our industry that is unclear or maybe even a little scary. It's a good and educational read!…


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Finding a cosmetic physician

It's hard to know who to go to when you want a little aesthetic assistance. The ads, the commercials and of course, all the media coverage can be confusing. I am finding more and more that references from friends and family are worth their weight in gold. What to do when you are the first in your crowd to seek cosmetic advice or too shy to ask?

Referal sources like and a all great ways to find the right MD and clinic for your concerns. Real patient experiences and… Continue

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Lip Service

One of the areas we seeing aging of the face first is in the lips. It's the entire area, not just the pink pout we see. It's the lipstick lines, laugh creases, marionettes and loss of volume that make the face look tired and aged.

There are many things one can do for mouth rejuvenation. I'll list each "zone" and cover what can be done to freshen up your smile.

For lines around the lips, we treat with several options depending on the depth of the lines; CO2 for deep lines, fractional… Continue

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The Best Mother's Day Ever

Want to give your mother soemthing she will remember and treasure forever? Ask her what she wants on her aesthetic wish list! We often think that offering gifts of medical cosmetic treatments will be offensive but that is not the case when it's done in the spirit of love. By asking mom what she may be interested in doing, you may be suprised how much she has thought about cosmetic services but never treated herself to the time. Mom's typically put all of us first and leave whatever is left for… Continue

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BodyTite Liposuction Workshop in Dubai

I was recently in the Middle East. One might think that cosmetic plastic surgery might be less prevalent if many people must keep their bodies covered a substantial period of time while in public. However, body enhancement surgery, liposuction and breast procedures are very common, proof that many patients desire optimal contours for very personal reasons and not always for public consumption. I had the honor of conducting a BodyTite…


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Fresh faces

Keeping your skin free from acne, fine lines, sun damage and surface irregularities is easier than ever with advances in cosmetic medicine.
In as few as three or four sessions your skin can be fresh, smooth and looking new with little to no downtime or pain. Don't suffer any longer, visit your local cosmetic skincare professional and get a fresh start!

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