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Hello Cellulaze…..Say goodby to Cellulite for the Summer !

I was just in Boston this weekend, teaching an excited group of US plastic surgeons and dermatologists an exciting new laser,the Cellulaze.  Cellulaze is proving to provided a simple, one time treatment LONG TERM improvement for the appearance of cellulite. (see photo)

Cellulaze is performed under local anesthesia and involves putting a tiny fiber under the skin, directly into the cellulite, where a special high tech "side firing" laser beam can directly disrupt the cellulite tissue. …


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Once upon a dark spot ....

Treating melasma, those dark spots that crop up as we age (also called Chloasma) or have babies (the pregnancy mask) can be tricky and when performed by a professional, the results can take years off your skin.  Melasma develops and progresses slowly and is often the outcome of sun exposure, genetics and hormones.  How do you treat it? 

Hyroquinone or Mequinol- a topical preparation used to lighten the pigment.  This cream acts by blocking the conversion of DOPA to melanin through…


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What is on your priority list?

Happy weekend Plastic Surgery Talk Members.  Since this is a "talk" site .. let's start a chat ... what procedures in cosmetic enhancement, surgical or non-interest you?  What would YOU like me to write about?

Looking forward to reading your responses!

Dr. M

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Good morning Plastic Surgery Talk Members,

As I enjoy a few moments of peace before my day begins I want to thank many of you for sending me your questions.  I enjoy receiving them and aiding you with my responses. 

Since many of you might have a burning question but may be concerned or shy about asking, or maybe there is something someone has asked me that you never thought of, I'm posting some questions on my Ask Dr. M blog.  To access this, simply click on the tab at the top…


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Be smart, cover up

We all know that sunscreen is the best option for keeping away the damaging rays of the sun, but why? Sunscreens, good ones, comtain ingredients that not only block the sun from UVB rays (the burning rays) but also, UVA rays ( those are the aging rays). How does the sun age you? Well, photoaging is caused when the skin is exposed to damaging rays. Those rays cause damage to the collagen and elastin in our skin. As well, the melanin in our skin begins over production of melanocites to protect… Continue

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The marks of life

Deemed the marks of life, stretch marks are both issues for men and women.  Whether they are silver or red, no one likes them, we all want to rid of them and they seem to be the hardest mark on our bodies to treat.

Why do we have stretch marks?

Striae (stretch marks) are linear dermal scars that can be accompanied by epidermal atrophy. Striae will affect skin that is subjected to continuous and progressive stretching; the stress on the connective tissue. Stiae leads to…


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Pass me a scarf please

Unless your fashion statement is a scarf this season, look no further than your local cosmetic physician for age reversing neck treatments.  We can perform a variety of procedures, invasive and non-invasive to smooth, contour, shape and define your neck and jaw line. 

Surgically, NeckTite can firm loose skin with minimal downtime and less bruising than traditional neck lifting procedures.  Using small incisions, we remove submental fat and topically we apply RF (radio frequency) to…


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Interested in New Lips with NO BRUISING !!



it is true, with a "game changing" new procedure called microcannula voluma-lifting.  This new injectable technique requires the physician to master the art of Injection soft tissue fillers with a tiny blunt device, called A microcannula.  The microcannula is hallow and narrow, like regular needles, but does not have any sharp edges and they emit the filler substance from a small port(s) a few millimetres from the blunt tip.  The blunt microcannula is long, once it is…


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