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The sweat on your brow

From the sweat on your brow to the dampness of the underarm and palms, you sweat it, we fix it.  There are a few options on the market, some more invasive and expensive than others but overall, for lasting relief from embarassing wetness, Miradry or neurotoxins are your best options.

Miradry uses microwave technology to destroy the sweat glands.  This is a permanent solution however, make sure it`s administered by a licenced health care professional. You`ll need two treatments spaced…


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The road warrior continues

I'll be in Houston this weekend training physicians for Cynosure.  Being on the road most weekends has it's challenges and certainly I am not immune to it.  Late nights, early mornings, eating irregularly and dashing between terminals for flights all take a toll on your body and eventually, this will start showing with the visible signs of aging.

If you travel a lot keep in mind that routine is important.  Don't stop working out just because you are out of town and away from the gym. …


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To a New Body of Knowledge………..A Welcome Return to Rubeneque forms !

I was recently in Dubai ( a fascinating culture) teaching a liposuction course and I had a very interesting conversation with one of the local surgeons. His concern was that many of his liposuction patients were large patients and often expectations for liposuction were unrealistic…… here were my thoughts and advice…..

As full figured shapes, like obesity are on the rise in all cultures is on the rise, many of our Liposuction and lipocontouring patients are larger, full figured…


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ASPS applaudes breast cancer patient education act

This is an article from ASPS yesterday regarding the recent act requiring that breast cancer patients recieve information on all thier choices. Many patients are not aware that they have a choice for reconstruction and they may have chosen that option at the time, had they been informed.

Great article, a good read.…


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And the debate continues.......

Tell me what you think of this article. For many years one of the options available to both men and women has been garments that smooth and shape. This is especially true for those patients not ready for surgery, have contraindications or are simply uncomfortable with the risks involved. Non-surgical approaches have helped with this gap but sometimes the cost is difficult in challenging economic times. The options - leave it or squeeze it.

Are you for body contouring garments for men and… Continue

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Vancouver Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Meeting

Was in the beautiful city of Vancouver recently and was fortunate to have 3 sunny days while I was attending the

American Society of Plastic Surgery. I talked to at the meeting to many international doctors about the found breaking

Bodytite, which delivers RFAL ( Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction, a heating energy during liposuction.) RFAL actually melts fat, removes the melted fat and tightens soft tissue at the same time. Published studies have shown that skin and soft tissue…


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