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Dr. Stephen Mulholland's Blog – July 2014 Archive (4)

Don’t Let Male Boobs Get in the Way

Gynecomastia, informally known as “man boobs”, is a common condition in men and boys. This condition involves the swelling and enlargement of the breasts in newborn males, boys and older men. According to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, breast enlargement resolves after a period of time but for eight per cent of boys, the condition…


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Pan G Lift Restores Youth and Great Skin

It’s very common for Dr. Mulholland’s patients to feel young, as if they were in their 20s. However, they usually say they don’t look like how they feel; their physical appearance just doesn’t match their energetic personalities.

In order to rejuvenate their face and skin, some people may decide to have a…


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SpaMedica's Laser Hair Removal Technology featured on The Morning Show

Dr. Krajden and the SpaMedica team were featured on The Morning Show today. The Morning Show can be seen on weekdays from 6am to 9am in Toronto. Topics such as news, weather and entertainment are covered on the show as well as interviews with celebrities and…


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UltraShape Eliminates Fat Painlessly

New and advanced liposuction methods allow patients to shed their unwanted fat painlessly without missing out on work or social activities. One of the many non-surgical liposuction procedures offered at SpaMedica is…


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