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A wink and a smile

Who doesn't remember that famous line "here's looking at you kid" from Casablanca? Aren't we all a little mesmerized by Ingrid Bergman's eyes, those perfectly shaped peepers and long fluttering lashes? Who doesn't instantly recognize Angelina Jolie's lips as they grace every magazine in the grocery store line? A wink and a smile is what makes a great first impression: what is your wink and smile saying about you? Today there are options that make your smile even more beautiful and your eyes… Continue

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The nose knows

As we age and the decent, deflation and degeneration of facial aging sets in, it's often the nose that can be a tell tale sign of aging. Droopy tips, humps and bumps are all signs that the nose, your center of facial attention, is telling the world how many birthdays you have had. Changes related to gravity (not a friend of ours in the case of aging) can be fought by creating a strong supportive bridge. This definition is very reminiscent of youthful noses. A strongly drooped or slopping…


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30 under 30

I recently read an article that stated that 30% of all the cosmetic procedures performed in the US were performed on patients under 30. This is a very telling fact because it means that no longer is our focus the baby boomer, it is now the baby or even the grandchild of that boomer. The question begs to be asked ... What are these under 30's doing? I recall being pretty happy with everything at 30. Social pressures, media and the fact that cosmetic plastic surgery and non-surgical enhancement… Continue

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Dangers of home Neurotoxin parties

There was an article I read recently in New York about home Botox parties. It lit a fire in me for the instant that I read it; why would any patient trust their body and face to a home visit from an unqualified injector? Understandably there are a few MD's that choose this route but I can't imagine the quality of the treatment that would be delivered when working in someone's home. The lighting and the hygiene would make the treatment challenging let alone the control of the people attending… Continue

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Celebrity surgery trends

A glance at the news recently will give you a glimpse into the mind of trend followers. The rage today is the Middleton backside. The media coverage of the Royal Wedding and the months leading up to it, have brought forth a flurry of interest in the perky behind of Miss Middleton. Women now want the small, taught, lifted buttocks that's been photographed by Royal watchers since the engagement was announced. This isn't a new phenomenon, remember Jlo and who can forget the Kardashian coverage?… Continue

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Cosmeceuticals - know what you are using and treating

If you have taken a recent trip to your local drug store or department store you can see that there is clearly a very large consumer demand for retail skincare. Consumers want to continue their treatments at home and enhance their results. Gone are the days of a little cold cream at night and here are the days of serums to keep you young and glowing. What is in these cosmeceuticals? What will they do for me? I'd like to say there is truth in advertising but digging a little into the research on… Continue

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Plastic surgery in the news

Lately there has been many news reports and articles relating to oversees plastic surgery. There has been a driving number of patients seeking cheaper options for their surgical wish list. These patients go to other countries seeking facelifts, breast augmentation, liposuction and many other surgical procedures. A word of caution about this; know the credentials of the surgeon you are seeing. Being in another country brings it's own risks as well. You need time to recover after the surgery and… Continue

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