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Hair here, hair there

It's not headline news that you can rid yourself of unwanted hair with lasers. We've been waxing, tweezing, threading, shaving and performing electrolysis for years before the introduction of lasers came along, making our lives hair free and smooth for months at a time (and sometimes years). What about permanent?

Signs across the city show "permanent hair removal" "remove unwanted hair forever" etc. This is simply an impossible statement that sets your patient up to be unhappy with their… Continue

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Do you know the difference?

Do you know the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is the Specialty dedicated to the reconstruction of the body and face from defects that have occurred from trauma, birth defects, and diseases.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is the art of enhancing the face and body through surgical or medical means solely for cosmetic purposes.

Did you have the right definition? Let me know what you think by posting your comments!

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It's the doctor not the device you want!

This is a good article discussing the difference between liposuction procedures. The common theme - it's not the device you need to think about. You want to have a qualified Plastic Surgeon performing the service. The devices and methods are all good, it's the hands and head that perform the service that make it successful.…


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Less is more and too much is just that ... too much!

You Tube, Facebook, Google, Flikr, and Photobucket (just to name a few)has helped our industry blossom and become more socially acceptable.  We now have patients sharing their very personal moments on camera with us.  We can see their nervousness, their anticipation, their hopes and their dreams right on film and see that they share our thoughts and feelings.  With these great advancements, like everything, there is a very dark side to all the "reality".  It's the patients going to extremes…


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Lighten up

These days we all look a little closer when a spot appears on our face or body. We have our dermatologists mole map us and check each area for slight changes or signs that something may be worth looking at a little closer. Once you have determined that the spot is just that; a spot, the treatment for pigmented lesions (that's the term we use in the cosmetic medical space) has come a long way from the days of Skinglow bleach paste!

At home products can help prelighten before proceeding with… Continue

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