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Private Rejuvenation

There is a growing interest in vaginal rejuvenation.  The packages include, laser treatments to aid in colour correction, tightening, labia reduction and hymenoplasty.    Recently there was an airing on The Doctors discussing this type of surgery and how it is emerging in popularity among women. 

No longer do women need to be uncomfortable or embarrassed; they can now make their own choices and opt for a "Designer Vagina".  It's controversial in the medical world as you will read from…


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The non-ablative road to reversing skin damage

If only we could "drive" backward in time and use proper

sunscreen, take the time to care for our skin properly and have the knowledge

we have today to maintain a beautiful, healthy and younger looking skin. Since

time travel isn't a possibility in the near future, I recommend the use of

non-ablative IPL (intense pulsed light) for treating pigmentation



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Plastic Surgeons - Artists

The link below is a great article that

was written for the Washington Post. For many years I've said that plastic

surgery is like a form of art. My canvas is my patient and the tools I use are

not brushes but needles and scalpels. It may not be considered a traditional

form of art but I have to say, my patients certainly feel the effects of my

sculpting. It takes a special eye to see beyond the face or body in front of

you and to see what it can be. For me,…


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The Nip Tuck Holiday

This was a story in the Globe and Mail. What do you think, would you take a Nip Tuck Holiday?

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Sweat no more

Excessive sweating is a very common concern among many people.

Areas like underarms, palms, feet and the brow are all treatable and you can

wave goodbye to the embarrassing dampness. Neurotoxins are typically used to

control the sweat glands. The injections are painless and fast with results

lasting 3 - 6 months, depending on the patient’s body and response to…


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I'll share with you some photos that were taken this past weekend.  I conducted a workshop in Houston where I  was teaching a group of South Eastern plastic surgeons, dermatologist and cosmetic physicians the latest advances in Hair Restoration including the Neograft automated follicular unit technique.

With NeoGraft there is no visible scar at the donor site allowing hair patients to wear their hair short if they desire. The transplanted hairs are moved to the thinning areas at the top…


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A stitch in time

I recently saw an article about stitches and post surgical wound care. Although this may seem like basic 101 care, it really is necessary to follow and to share with you. The proper post care of a surgical site will leave you with less visible scarring and will heal the area faster.

Keeping it clean:

- you will be instructed by your surgeon regarding how long you have to keep the stiches dry. Follow these instructions carefully. They are not guidelines, they are a must.

-… Continue

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A sensitive issue

Is your skin sensitive? Do you have redness, itching, wrinkles,

thin skin, blushing, visible blood vessels and or a burning sensation? If so,

you might have a more sensitive skin type. We are all sensitive to some degree however;

some of us have more irritation and reaction to things than others. If your

skin is problematic and the irritation is reoccurring chances are…


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Laser this, laser that

Finding your way around the world of lasers can be a challenge. There are so many choices that the possibilities are endless. How do you know what laser is the best option for your condition or cosmetic concern? The most informed choice you can make is with your cosmetic physician. However, there are basics that we can review that will help you be a little more informed.

IPL, the most commonly used laser in cosmetic medicine, is used for a wide variety of conditions. Pigment correction,… Continue

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Accreditation - it's your best choice

A recent article on unlicenced surgeons performing surgical procedures.  Accreditation is a "must have" criteria when you are researching your MD options for plastic surgery.


Governing boards and state or provicial licencing is something you will need to familiarize yourself with.  The time you take making an informed decision will ensure you feel…


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Fact or Fractional

Is it in fact the case that fractional treatments are all the same and there is nothing unique about each device?  A fracational is a fractional, right?  Not at all.  The market today is filled with many options for our patients and with the guided assistance of a physician, you can navigate your way through the choices and decide which is best for you. 

The wide range of devices include those that are laser, CO2, and RF.  The choice you make will depend on your condition and on what…


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Un-tattoo you part II

I wrote an article the other day on tattoo removal.  The next day I had this update in my inbox from a plastic news forum.  The article ran in Boston.  The article goes on to explain that the markings we may have chosen to represent who we are and our values, may not be applicable later on in life and may have a negative impact on us.  It's good to see that we have technology that can not only remove the tattos but, in this case, change a life.




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Tuck your tummy

As we age, our body changes and we don't always like the way we look so we turn to surgical and non-surgical options to correct and enhance us. This is very true of our midsection. The abdomen changes as we gain and lose weight or have children. The skin stretches and marks appear, stretch marks, loose skin and pouchy layers of stubborn fat start hanging around. The reasons why these occur are largely out of your control (maintaining a constant weight will help reduce the chance of some of this… Continue

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Un-tattoo You

Maybe that tattoo from your college days isn't appealing anymore.

Or maybe you're not with Jamie anymore and the tattoo of his name is an odd

sight now. Whatever your reasons may be, tattoo removal is as popular as inking

yourself used to be. It's a common misconception that you can't undo the

mistakes of the past. Cosmetic medicine can undo many of our missteps and…


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Atlanta Neograft presentation and some photos

Recently I was teaching physicians The Neograft procedure.  Neograft, a scarless automated hair restoration procedure is changing how hair transplantation is done.  Taken from the back of the occipital scalp, one hair follicle at a time and

moved to the front, Neograft is very popular amongst men AND women who have thinning hair and do not want a traditional transplantation scar.…


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Interesting article - Patients delaying surgical procedures for non-surgical procedures

This article shines some light on why patients may be choosing to have non-surgical options in today's financial climate.

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Interesting article

This is an interesting post regarding patients delaying surgery and choosing non-surgical options instead due to finances.

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