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The Contours

I am often asked whether one should have liposuction or if they should have a non-surgical solution. My answer is always the same, it depends on the condition, the patient, the goals and expectations. The conditions that we treat with liposuction are generally in patients with good medical health, local areas of focal fat and a clear understanding of the risks and downtime needed for liposuction. New techniques make the downtime today much less than previous techniques. A patient can have… Continue

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The long term solution to early morning make up

Permanent make up has been used now for many years. Recent years have seen a large number of cosmetic make up artists working within medical facilities to provide paramedical make up. What is paramedical make up? Its's the use of permanent make up for correcting such concerns as hypo pigmentation, alopecia, scars and birth marks. Carefully placed pigment can conceal colour irregularities and enhance hairlines. The uses have extended far beyond eyeliner and lip colour. Permanent cosmetic… Continue

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Cheek to cheek

A procedure gaining popularity is the dimple creation. Dimples are seen as youthful when seen in adolescents and children and as we age, they are seen as appealing in adults. Why?

To understand this you need to understand why dimples happen. They are a deformity caused by the muscles of the cheek and lips( the buccinator). When the muscles move and pull the tissue a pucker or fold forms and the dimple becomes visible. The facial movemets made, such as smiling, causes the dimples to… Continue

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