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Last week of the year

I was busy the last week of the year in San Francisco teaching a group of west coast aesthetic physicians the very latest in fractional RF resurfacing and non-ablative tightening, using The Fractora (Invasix, Israel).

I also demonstrated the…


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Very happy holiday season

Today I will sign off my blog to spend the holidays with my family.  I've been blessed with six wonderful children, four of them are adults now, and a beautiful, successful wife.  The holidays always bring us together and having this time with my family is precious.

I'll be resuming my posts after the long holiday weekend and trust me, I'll have many more insightful posts to share with you.  I hope that all of you have enjoyed my blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you. …


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Jane Fonda - Discussing Plastic Surgery Decision

This article was from NBC it's interesting and really shows that plastic surgery has not only grown in popularity over the years but has now become very socially acceptable.  No longer do people think that you hav eto do it to "fix" what is wrong but it's more about looking as young as you feel.  Hats off to you Jane!…


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Pucker up

Want a pucker like a movie star?  It's not wishing on a star, it's avaible in three forms just as easy as one, two, three.

One - HA (hyaluronic acid) and fat injections - your local cosmetic plastic surgeon, cosmetic physician or dermatologist can help you plump up your lips, reshape your cupid's bow and even make them appear a little fuller.  Small injections are done in the lip and lip line with little to no pain and minimal downtime.  The result is instantly fuller lips worthy of…


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Cellulite - the enemy

I know, all of you shutter at the word.  Now you don't have to as we (cosmetic physicians and specialists) have solutions that will smooth out all those cellulite worries.

There are some non-invasive and some slightly invasive procedures you can do that will assist you with your cellulite concerns.  Radio Frequency has long been used in many devices, non-invasively, to tighten the skin and reduce the visibility of the cellulite.  Massaging the area with lymphatic drainage assists with…


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Smooth it out

HA's (hyaluronic acids) are available in a wide variety of injectable product, topical creams and even in supplements.  How do you know which works and which doesn't?  It's never that simple, if it was, we'd have one choice!  The way your skin is aging, the folds and lines you are targeting as well as downtime and your own prefernces will all play a factor in what you will choose.

Injectable fillers, my area of expertise, is by far the "quick fix' method of smoothing out the…


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Revolutionary Injection Technique

I was in Dallas last weekend hosting a course on combination non-exicisional facial aesthetic solutions.  In addition to discussing and demonstrating his laser neck lift using the Smartlipo device with no cutting, I lectured and demonstrated my advanced injectable techniques using Botox and soft tissue fillers in the face to achieve a "facelift like effect".  This procedure he has coined called VolumaLift, or the use of volume to create a lift effect.  

I specifically focused on my…


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DIY Lasers

This is a great topic to post about, DIY lasers.  Now I am not suggesting you buy a cosmetic laser on Ebay and start zapping yourself and your loved ones.  I can't begin to tell you the dangers associated with that!   I'm referring to the vast array of at-home lasers you can use today and that are widely available through a physician office, in the drug store, at big box retailers or by special order like the shopping channel. 

I've used many of these devices and tested many of them…


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Compromising Safety

This is an article discussing Black Market Procedures.  A controversial subject but one that is becoming more common.  The economy now dictates that one can "save" on aesthetic services by patronizing one of these "clinics'.  A risky endevour and one you should think about and research before putting your money on the table.  Your best bet, meet with a board certified surgeon or your local cosmetic physician and discuss options that meet your needs and fit your budget.



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Wellness Medicine

Becoming quite popular today is wellness medicine. Many of my colleagues are blending this into their cosmetic practice. What is wellness medicine? It's the discipline of integrating naturopathic medicine and / or holistic health practices into mainstream medicine. The approach gives the patient a complete health and wellness program that focuses on keeping them healthy and young. The focus become…


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RSVP "No Thanks"

This is a very interesting article about "plumping parties", which are becoming far too common across the US and Canada.  The dangers associated with this and the legalities are paramount. Add some peer pressure in the mix and there is a recipe for disaster.

The message to take home here, see a Cosmetic Physician you trust and feel comfortable with and save the party for after your procedure. Show up looking your best!



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Featured article

I was recently interviewed by The Aesthetic Guide concerning FracTotal.  Click on the link below to see the complete article.

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