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8 years younger in just 8 weeks. Old wrinkled, lax skin? Try the new FractoraFacial!

At SpaMedica we recently changed our Fotofacial program to an exciting new skin rejuvenation program called FractoraFacial, which has been delivering the best antiaging rejuvenation results SpaMedica has ever achieved. The program deploys the Fractora Fractional radiofrquency (RF) needle device to deliver a thermal stimulation to the deep areas of the skin to lessen wrinkles and improve texture. This is combined, on the same visit with a moving RF applicator, called the FIRM, that lifts and tightens skin and finally, good old fashioned IPL (fotofacial light) to even out colour and skin tone.  Treatments are performed under simple topical anesthesia, once weekly for 8 weeks and patients can look 8 years younger at the end of the program !  The program is good for all skin types, light and dark.

Last weekend, I was in Chicago teaching the FractoraFacial to a room full of US physicians eager to learn the technique


Looking youthful, fresh and bright has never been simpler……8 years younger in 8 weeks, with non downtime!


Dr Mulholland

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