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I perform and lot of face and brow lifts in my practice and I find a lot of Women suffer the embarrassment of  hair loss. It is a common finding, the front and top goes thin, but never bald. Unlike for men, where balding can be cool (i.e. Bruce Willis) for women, it is an embarrassment and a constant battle with hair products and styles designed to camouflage the thinning hair.

For women, options for thinning hair have been limited. Medications, such as Rogan, Propecia do not work well for women and traditional hair transplantation, called strip grafting, is usually not acceptable for female patients.  That brings us to the revolution that is NEOGRAFT, which is a scarless method of taking single hair families (called follicular units) quickly, safely and efficiently from the back of the head and transferring them to the front WITHOUT A SCAR.

This past weekend, I was in Los Angeles running a workshop for west coast physician teaching the NeoGraft technique.

(see picture) This procedure is catching on for women (and men) with thinning hair, as it affords a simple way to increase density naturally without visible scars or downtime.  To find out more check out


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