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Bridalplasty - Would you do it for your big day?

 Brides racing to the plastic surgeon before the big day is getting so mainstream that there is even a reality TV show about it.  A recent news story on ABC covered this growing trend.  Making sure that the brides understand that these surgical changes have to be decisions they make for themselves, that they are doing them with long term results in  mind and not just for the big day "wow" is a challenge for all surgeons and something we all make sure to screen carefully for.  The rhinoplasty, breast aumentation and tummy tuck will be there long after the cake has been cut and the last present has been opened.

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Comment by Marci Dunne on January 10, 2012 at 4:13pm

I would consider getting plastic surgery before my big day.

Overall, I really liked how the surgeons ensure that the brides are doing all this for the right reasons.


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