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The interesting names that are given to some of the treatments we do everyday are pretty catchy. The latest one is "brotox". Last year there were over 300,000 males that opted for botox injections. Men are now seeing the value in looking your best and looking refreshed. Dating and competing for jobs makes us men realize the value in looking as young as we feel. While we want to believe that we compete for jobs on a playing field that judges us on our experience and education alone, realistically it is the entire package your new employer is looking for. I won't even touch the dating scene!
Botox for men is different than Botox for women. Facial muscles are stronger, some areas are not as much of a concern for men as they are for women and some men use neurotoxins for sweat control on shaved heads (hyperhydrosis).
It's good to see my fellow males lining up with the women and fighting the aging process. I applaud you all for making your health and the way you feel a priority.

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