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Bushy Eyebrows: Why They’re Trendy and How to Get Them

Bushy eyebrows are in. Celebrities and models, such as Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne, are known and adored for their dark, thick brows. Bushy brows are sought out now because they do a great job in framing a person’s face and opening up their eyes. A pair of thick eyebrows actually makes a person look younger, too. Meanwhile, over-plucked and pencil-thin brows can age a person’s face. But to be fair, lots of women who have over-plucked their eyebrows for years can have troubles for growing and filling in their hair. It can take months to properly regain a full brow, and even then, there could be gaps of missing hair. It takes a lot of work.

The coveted brow trend and the difficulties of naturally getting the look have sparked popularity in eyebrow transplants. Women are flocking to clinics to get eyebrow transplants for a fuller, bushier brow. In these procedures, surgeons would carefully pluck hair from the back of a patient’s neck or their scalp with the NeoGraft machine. Typically, 150-250 grafts are needed for each brow. Once the hair follicles are implanted, the hair starts growing three to four months after the procedure—but remember to groom them, because they will grow out like the hair on your scalp (that would be a little too bushy).

Not quite ready to get eyebrow transplants? Makeup is the answer to creating a thick brow. Makeup artists say that brow gel, a pencil or powder are the best tools to create a strong brow.  It’s suggested to use an angled brush to apply the brow powder on and around the brows. Don’t go overboard by going too far from your natural hair line. For patches of missing hair, use an eyebrow pencil and apply thin strokes to fill them in.  

If you’re simply trying to grow out your eyebrows, put down the tweezers. The hairs can take up to six to eight weeks to grow back, so you don’t want to thwart your efforts by making the easy mistake of over-plucking your hair. Common products that could be found in your home like olive oil and petroleum jelly can help in the growth of thicker eyebrows. Apply the oil or jelly once in the morning and again at night to enhance growth. Castor oil is also another good alternative.  

There’s lots of natural ways to get strong brows. It just takes some research and a lot of patience. That’s why makeup helps a great deal in creating the illusion of eye-popping brows, and for those willing to go all the way, eyebrow transplants provide long-term results. 

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