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I kicked-off my busiest consulting and physician workshop year in 2012.  With 5 different companies and over 40 weekend courses, it will be an amazing year full of new procedures and technological advances.


I spent the first weekend of the new year with physicians in New York city, where I was teaching and demonstrating the newest and most effective advanced facial aging, skin rejuvenation procedure called the FractoraFracial. The procedure is performed once weekly for  8 weeks and combines a fractional radiofrequency needle ablative full face treatment, called the Fractora, with a full facial skin tightening treatment called the Firm. 

The fractora can deliver multiple, variable depth RF needle ablative skin rejuvenation and skin renewal, a process called the "designer dermis", as it will correct fine to moderate lines and wrinkles, macro pores, acne scars and textural abnormalities. 


I then combines the FractroraFacial with my patented injectable soft tissue facelift called the Volumalift. I've demonstrated this amazing procedure live on the Today Show, The Doctors show and Cityline. I've perfected and developed performing this procedure using a blunt tipped cannula allowing physicians to offer this treatment with virtually no risk of bruising, even after injecting under the eyes or the lips. Here is a pic demonstrating the Volumalift in New York city the first weekend of 2012.

Onward and Upward!

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