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A procedure gaining popularity is the dimple creation. Dimples are seen as youthful when seen in adolescents and children and as we age, they are seen as appealing in adults. Why?
To understand this you need to understand why dimples happen. They are a deformity caused by the muscles of the cheek and lips( the buccinator). When the muscles move and pull the tissue a pucker or fold forms and the dimple becomes visible. The facial movemets made, such as smiling, causes the dimples to appear.m This is why psychologically these are considered desirable - youth and happiness are associated with dimples.
The procedure is very easy and although a google search will lead you to believe it is surgical, it is minimally invasive and certainly has less downtime than many facial surgical procedures. Typically done under local, this procedure takes less than 30 minutes and the downtime associated is some swelling, possible localized bruising and tenderness in the area. As with all procedures, there are risks associated and you must first check with your cosmetic plastic surgeon to determine if you have the right facial structure to aesthetically enhance with dimples and if the procedure is right for you.
The procedure was featured on the doctors. The results are lasting and soften over time.

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