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The at home market has exploded with many types of DIY lasers, micro currents, skin polishers and acne machines. As a consumer, do you spend a few hundred and try it at home or do you bite the bullet and spend the cash on the MedSpa? My answer is both, ideally, but if you can only do one then choose wisely.
There are many at home use products out in the market that can serve as very good maintenance treatments post medical spa series. For example, if you have a series of professional laser hair removal treatments in the medical spa, you can purchase a do it yourself at home unit and use it for maintaining your results. Often times this can save you a lot of money down the road. Another good example is the at home skin polishers sold in large retailers or at medical spas. Designed to give you a quality peel, these are a perfect pretreatment for IPL or fractional treatments performed in the medical spa.
As a replacement to medical spa treatments they must be carefully considered and their challenges weighed. The first category is the at home lasers for hair removal. While very effective, they will take you two or three times longer than medical spa treatments to see results. There are also risks of burns and blisters since you do not have the guidance of a medical professional during the treatment. If you are willing to forgo the duration it will take to see the results, then at home devices may be an option for you.
Selecting the right device can be risky since there is little out there describing what device is best for your particular condition or skin type. I suggest researching and if you can find a product that is endorsed by your cosmetic medical professional, then that is the best device to purchase.
Do some research, bring your options in to the medical professional in your area that can advise you how best to proceed.

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