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Have you ever wanted to get a lift, soften facial lines, fill in hollows under the eyes or just look a few years younger but want to avoid the scalpel? Look into lifting and rebalancing your facial features with your own fat.

Your fat is harvested from an area of abundance in your body; hips, buttocks and abdomen are good places to take from. I choose areas where I know I can remove the fat safely without disrupting the contour of the body. You don't need general anesthetic in most cases, but that is a decision you and your physician will make. I do most fat grafting under local. It's a short procedure and the downtime is minimal.

A centrifuge is used to condense the fat. Once the fat has settled there will be a tumescent infranate which contains a fat cell middle layer and a triglyceride supranate. The infranate is then prepared in syringes and ready to use in facial augmentation.

The areas which are commonly treated are:
Brow area
Suborbital (for eye bags)
Malar area (cheeks)
Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
Mandibular border (jawline)

Fat grafting can produce very good results however, retreatment may be necessary as the body may reabsorb some of the fat. Generally, fat grafting is stable, predicatable and the results are long lasting.

This is a good option of those wanting to delay surgical solutions for a few years.

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