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FractoraFirm, Tite FX, Body Tite and Fractora

I spent last Saturday in Orange county speaking to a group of 70 southern california physicians on a new aesthetic Platform called Fractora-TiteFX(Invasix, Istael) . This versatile technology, developed by Invasix, allows the doctor to perform ablative fractional RF Skin resurfacing (the Fractora applicator), non-ablative RF skin tightening (the FIRM Applicator), as well as non-invasive fat reduction and cellulite improvement (the TiteFX). All these optiona are available on the single device platform.

The scientific advances of Invasix revolve around their A.C.E technology. "ACE" or Acquire-Control-Extend, means all the Invasix applicators have sensing technology that acquire impedance, temperature and contact information during the RF treatments.  The system then modulates and responds to the RF energy delivery when parameters approach therapeutic or dangerous levels and then restore the RF energy as the parameters normalize. This constant, automated feedback adjustment of RF energy allows the physician to maintain critical temperatures for extended periods of time, enhanced the biological and thermal response to treatment and hence achieve better outcomes.

The non-invasive applications launch by Invasix, stem from their industry leading Liposuction system, called Bodytite, which was pioneered by me and launch in 2008, with hundreds of systems sold worldwide. The ACE technology, allows the Bodytite to monitor and control safety and efficacy during thermal liposuction.  Physicians can achieve linear soft tissue contractions as large as 38% one year following the RadioFrequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) procedure. RFAL and Bodytite have allowed many patients worldwide to undergo a Bodytite procedure and achieve good results without having a more invasive excisional procedure like a tummy-tuck, arm or body lift.




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