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Men today want to look chiseled and youthful. It's a little bit of ego mixed with a competitive nature that keeps them interested in the aesthetic side of life. According to the ASAPS in 2011 men represent 800,000 procedures out of the 9 million performed. That's a large percent! Procedures for men have increased by over 121% from 1997.

Procedures that interest men range from the non-surgical facial injections to liposuction. It is imperative to find a cosmetic physican who is accustom to treating men as the male face and body age differently than women's. Their needs are different and thier goals are not the same as women's.

To find a cosmetic physician who specializes or has an abundance of experience with the aging male face and body, review thier website thoroughly and ensure they offer services for men. Then, in the consultation, feel comfortable asking to see their before and after photos for the procedures you are asking about. Testimonials from other male clients is helpful. Of course, if you had a friend who has had procedures and is pleased, ask them if they would recommend that physician or clinic.

The male patient is unique and special and so are the services needed to keep them looking as refined as Roger Moore and as rugged as Kevin Costner.

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