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Hello ladies…….sick and tired of hiding thinning Hair??

There are new and exciting medical Solutions now available !!


I was just in Houston Texas teaching a large group of US and Mexican physicians some of the revolutionary and industry changes in the management of thinning hair for both women and Men. I see many women in consult for surgical face rejuvenate surgery or non-invasive facial procedures and end up talking with them about THINNING hair. Thinning hair is surprisingly common, as over 60% of women over 40 years old complain viscerally about loss of hair at the front and sides of their hairline. This is an extremely embarrassing problem for most women, as it is not considered youthful, vital or sexy for women to have thinning hair. Unlike men, who can be considered socially "cool", "hip" and  desirable to be thin or completely bald, there is very little social acceptance for thinning hair in women.

Medical professionals have generally been dismissive regarding the treatment of women with FPHL (Female Pattern Hair Loss). This is a genetic condition (need to rule out medical conditions, such as under active thyroid by your doctor). The new treatments include both non-surgical treatments and a new "non-scarring" permanent hair restoration therapy.  The non-surgical treatments are very popular and include painless, physician offfice-based intense passive light treatments. These treatments take only 12 minutes and deploy physician grade red and green light sources on the scalp bringing lost hair shafts back to life and are used in combination with new physician-grade, active ingredient rich, topical hair care products. Just 6 months of treatment can significantly increase the fullness and density of your hair.  

Many women are also choosing a permanent solution to thinning hair on the top of their head by having a new, non-scarring hair transplant ion procedure performed called NEOGRAFT ( This procedure uses a high FU that removes one hair at a time from the thick, luxurious part of your scalp hair at the back of your head and moves them to the thinning area at the front.


Unlike older forms a hair transplantation where you would have a large scar at the back of your head, Neograft leaves no evidence a  procedure has been done and a natural looking new "thickness" can be created in the thinning areas. The Neograft Procedure is performed under local anesthesia and patients can return to work easily after a weekend off.

If you are a women suffering from hair loss, please take the time to search out an experienced Neograft and hair restoration centre. ( 

Say goodbye to hair control products and hello to fearless windy-days and swimming pools



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