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If you are like most of us, your life doesn't allow for a commitment to work out regularly, eat clean all the time and your hectic life leaves you little time to focus on yourself. That means that instead of showing off your silhouette, you cover it up. Advancements in medicine today give you better options than baggy t-shirts and sweat pants. Innovations in the surgical and non-surgical world allow you to have less downtime and still achieve the results of traditional liposuction. First up is assisted liposuction; by adding laser light, ultrasound or even jet water to liposuction, the physician can achieve great results with less pain, less downtime, less swelling and less bruising. This all means faster recovery. It also means less trauma to the body. On the side of non-invasive treatments we can use lasers, ultrasound and high frequency to target fat with little to no discomfort and certainly no downtime. Of course, nothing will enhance faster and as effectively as a surgeon can however, for the patients that are concerned about risks and pain, non-surgical options deliver good results without the risk and recovery of surgery.
The most important part of your journey into getting that bodacious body you've always wanted is finding a physician with the right credentials, the right technology and that you feel confident in. Referrals from family and friends can help you make the right choice. Whether you use surgery or non-invasive techniques to contour your body remember, it's your body and your curves, only better.

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