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Houston Radiofrequency Workshop: Hello Fractora

I was in the big oil city of Houston, Texas, this past weekend. The economy has not suffered there much, most of the year it’s hot and sunny and patients, much like the ones in Canada, are intensely interested in new anti-aging treatments and skin rejuvenation procedures.

I was teaching the local cosmetic surgeons some of the latest radiofrequency skin rejuvenation techniques and radiofrequency skin tightening procedures, particularly the Fractora radiofrequency (RF) skin treatment, which has been proven to achieve fantastic results the likes of which have never been seen by any other devices on the market. This interesting device uses tiny needle like electrodes to send electricity into your skin. The electricity (Radiofrequency) stimulates the tightening of the skin resulting in wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation, often much more effectively than laser skin treatments. HAVE ELECTRIFYING SKIN! See an attached picture of me performing the skin rejuvenation treatment on a demo patient in Houston.

Dr. Stephen Mulholland

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