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People of all body types look into liposuction to achieve the silhouette they want. Even for those who have small frames and statures, they can still have stubborn fat in areas like thighs, abdomen and knees. These body areas are known to be difficult to shape up through diet and exercise. Liposuction approaches such as the BodyTite or SmartLipo can address these problem areas and trim down the fat to help people get the bodies they want. Dr. Mulholland answers a few questions from people who are considering liposuction and from those who had it done recently.

I have stubborn pockets of fat in my lower body which is also resistant to diet and exercise. How much would BodyTite liposuction cost for inner and outer thighs and knees? Will I be able to move comfortably and take care of my kids within a day after the procedure?

If you have small, stubborn pockets of unwanted fat in your inner and outer thighs and your inner knees, you would be a good candidate for body contouring. You’d also have to be medically well, healthy and have good skin tone to have this procedure done. A BodyTite™ procedure is a form of radiofrequency-assisted liposuction that enhances skin contraction. It’s also similar to SmartLipo™ in that thermal energy reduces the risk of bruising, swelling and pain and enhances a quick recovery to normal activities of daily living. Generally, the cost of the procedures will vary, depending on the size of the patient, location of the fat and the number of locations treated. If you see an experienced, certified plastic surgeon with BodyTite, you can expect three or four zones to be cost under $10,000.

I tell patients they can be able to return to relatively low-impact activities the day after the procedure. You should be able to interact normally with your kids, as long as they’re not very young and require you to pick them up. If that’s the case, you might want to have family or friends assist you for one or two days.

I’m 5’4 and 100 pounds. I’m quite trim but I still have small pockets of fat on my medial and lateral thighs. Would a bit of liposuction to contour them be beneficial? Or would it be too risky and not worth it?

After seeing your photos, it does appear that you have a slight degree of multifocal lipodystrophy. This is a fancy term for maldistribution of fat. You do look fit and trim in the upper part of your body, but you have a mild to modest collection of outer and inner thigh fat with a small degree of inner knee fat. These areas are very difficult to lose localized fat with diet and exercise.

Depending on your physical health and your expectations, you would be an excellent candidate for mild liposuction. Liposuction has changed drastically in the last 5-6 years with new technologies such as SmartLipo, VaserLipo and BodyTite. All of these help in more gentle fat extraction with little risk of bruising. There will also be reciprocal contraction of your skin and soft tissue which ensures you’ll get the smoothest possible outcomes.

Most patients can go back to work or light activities with these advanced approaches to liposuction the following day. You’ll have to wear a compression garment for several weeks. Generally, you will see a nice improvement in your shape and contour within a few weeks.

It’s been 2 weeks since I had liposuction. I lost 17 lbs but within the last few days, I gained 8 lbs. Is this caused by swelling? I had to take a few weeks off from work because the pain was severe.

Weight fluctuation after liposuction is very common. It is extremely important you have a close follow-up with your board certified liposuction physician. Weight gain can be caused by stress hormone and the stress of the procedure itself, mainly in the form of water weight. The diuretic effect post-operatively will usually dissipate the swelling and tissue trigger called edema in the first week to ten days.

Significant weight loss, such as you have experienced in association with diarrhea can be especially concerning and you should seek the follow-up advice of your board certified liposuction surgeon. Following liposuction, especially with prophylactic antibiotics and even without, serious gastroenterological derangements, such as Claustridium difficile with diarrhea weight loss, can be a serious metabolic complication and a follow-up with an internist and emergency physician or your certified physician is imperative.

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