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Less is more and too much is just that ... too much!

You Tube, Facebook, Google, Flikr, and Photobucket (just to name a few)has helped our industry blossom and become more socially acceptable.  We now have patients sharing their very personal moments on camera with us.  We can see their nervousness, their anticipation, their hopes and their dreams right on film and see that they share our thoughts and feelings.  With these great advancements, like everything, there is a very dark side to all the "reality".  It's the patients going to extremes on camera, having bizzar procedures and taking unnecessary risks; all for the sake of altering one's self.  I'm not a fan of extreme's; I approach each patient with an artistic eye, improving what I can but not altering the person beyond what would look natural and normal. Looking through some of the magazines these days will be a good example of what I am discussing.  Sometimes a little less really is more!

Instead of thinking of ALL the things you could change, focus on the top 3, 4 or max, 5 areas you'd like to improve and then work with your local medical cosmetic clinic to improve those areas.  

Doing everything you read about and what the stars say they are doing or supporting isn't a solution and will leave you looking unnatural. 

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