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Lately there has been more coverage in the media about non-surgical services. Partly because they have improved so much in the last decade but also because the fears of plastic surgery has come forefront with celebrity deaths and botch ups. One commonly heard procedure is the liquid facelift or liquid lift. This is a relatively safe way of producing an impressive result without a knife and the risks associated with surgery. Certainly, as a plastic surgeon, I will tell you that the best result you can achieve is with surgery if you are a candidate. However, not everyone is and sometimes the needle will take the stage instead of a scalpel in my practice.
Generally there is little swelling, possible bruising and sometimes this can last a few days but the benefits outweigh the small window of inconvenience that this causes, in most cases. I use a micro cannula technique that is quick, reduce swelling or bruising and is comfortable as I use a mild local anesthetic. Traditional needle therapies are still good options and in most cases, little discomfort is associated with the treatment.
I can elevate droopy cheeks, contour a saggy jaw line, fill in hallowed eyes, lift hooded brows and bring back a youthful fullness to faces with fat loss. I usually pair this with a neurotoxin so that the facial muscles refrain from deep animations that will cause further wrinkles from occurring.
Next time you look in the mirror, think about investing in some "liquid assets"!

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