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In my practice I get a lot of patients that come in with pictures.  They have a clipping from the latest magazine and they want "this nose" or "those cheek bones".  Although these photos can give me a jump start on thier goals, it also is a clear indication of unrealistic expectations.  I usually just glance at the photo and either give it back to them or put it aside and bring the focus back to them; what do they want and can I achieve that for them.  I consider their anatomy, the procedure they are considering, the options they have (and may not have even though of) and whether one of these can match what their aesthetic goal is.  It's not hard for me to see but having the patient see it can be a whole other ball game. 

Typically, I have my patients see me first, then I have my nurse coordinator meet with them after to further discuss the procedures and options.  I like my patients to be very well informed so I give them lots of information to take home and read.  I also don't step around the risks.  I review these carefully with my patients.  Plastic surgery can sometimes be seen as not "serious" from patients because it's elective.  We are choosing to do this so it can't be that risky right? WRONG!  I make sure my patients know there is as much risk involved in this as with any other surgery.

After the surgery my patients are happy.  They like the results, they look like a fresher version of themselves and the photo they brought in is just that; a clipping from a magazine that has made them realize that looking like yourself is better than trying to be a look-alike.

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