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You can start a few beauty routines and habits to look great in time for the holidays.

Not everyone is happy about the approaching winter, but Christmas and New Year’s Eve are always exciting holidays that many of us anticipate. People catch the holiday spirit and the holidays allow us to spend time with family and friends. But in our digital world today, there will be lots of pictures taken and tagged during these festive moments..That’s a lot of pressure to look good, right?

Some people even start exercising and dieting a few months before these holidays to make sure they look and feel good.

There’s a little more than a month before Christmas and New Year’s Eve come around, but you can still start doing a few simple things to ensure you look your best in time for the holiday parties and dinners you'll be attending

Give Your Skin Some TLC

Colder weather and strong winds makes you prone to dry, flaky skin. Counteract this by applying moisturizer and drinking plenty of water—fit in eight glasses of water everyday—to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. If you’re not a water lover, consider drinking flavoured vitamin water. It makes water actually taste good (berry flavoured water? Why not!) and you get additional vitamins too.

Also, avoid drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol is known to dehydrate the skin and it negatively impacts vitamin A levels. Vitamin A is known as a critical antioxidant for the skin and it plays an important role in collagen production. Lower levels of collagen= the loss of the skin’s elasticity.

If you’re looking to treat annoying facial culprits like blemishes, brown spots or fine lines, then you can try one of several non-surgical treatments that are available. One of them is the FotoFacial, which uses radiofrequency, intense pulsed light and infrared energy to pulse gently on the skin. The energy targets the patient’s problem areas while stimulating the production of your collagen. While it takes 5 treatments to get the best results, you can still see some improvement in your trouble areas if you have less than 5 FotoFacials.

Watch What You Eat

As the common saying goes, “you are what you eat”. Certain foods could trigger reactions to your skin or body. As stated in one of Dr. Oz’s articles, people living in western countries often have diets high in refined carbohydrates, saturated fats and processed food. This all leads to the development of acne.

“A diet with a high glycemic index—basically, processed foods like bread and refined grains that are quickly broken down into sugar—can have a terrible effect on skin,” says Dr. Francesca Fusco, a New York City dermatologist. Try to steer away from quick fixes and junk food to satiate your hunger. Opt for fresh food like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Your skin will thank you.

Being mindful about what you’re eating also helps you with weight maintenance if that’s your concern. Or, it helps with reducing the look and feeling of bloating. Consuming excessive sodium is known to make you feel bloated and is detrimental to your health in the long run. Check out how much sodium there is in the meals or products you buy (healthy adult women can consume up to 2,300 miligrams of sodium per day) and avoid adding extra salt on your meals.

Doll up with This Winter's Makeup Trends

Winter makeup trends this year include: full eyebrows, long lashes, metallic silver eyeshadow, and cat eye liner. Combining these trends or even just one of them is bound to have you looking flawless and on-point when you’re taking endless selfies and photos at holiday parties.

Browse makeup tutorials or practice these looks if you need to perfect your techniques before the holidays hit.

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