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Had a very fun an informative Television episode on Toronto's BT Live Eye. During the 4 segments I demonstrated the Facetite: a Non-excisional skin tightening device of the neck and jowls. The Facetite offers patients the best tightening results they can get without a facelift and the results can be very impressive..  I followed the FaceTite with a demonstration of the TiteFX, a non-surgical device that can reduce unwanted areas of fat permanently. 

The next segment features the new blunt Microcannula injection technique for soft tissue fillers to the face, with the huge benefits of virtually no bruising or swelling and the demonstration patient was injected live and look immediately great in make up.  Finally, I finished the BT live eye demonstrations with an new facial treatment, called fractorafacial where tiny RadioFrequency needles are used to rejuvenate the skin.


Overall the show was fun and educational and will be posted soon here on PST and on  The BT team did a great job as always


Dr Mulholland


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