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I am often asked why I choose to use more than one technique or device during a procedure. Many of the programs I have created both surgically and non-surgically are proprietary because they include several different modalities. Offering a blend of services really does create a unique offering my patients like and that deliver results.
Combining technologies, whether it is lasers, different energy sources or complimentary services, ensures that my patients are getting the best selection of treatments that will deliver results that meet their expectations. Often it is challenging to choose just one service, treatment or procedure to meet the goals of my patients so I opt to give them a range of services and treatments that all have the same common goal. For me, it's about complete patient satisfaction.
To assist your cosmetic Physician with creating a program and blend of services that will meet your aesthetic goals, arrive at the consultation with a list of your expectations, downtime and concerns. They will be able to narrow down a specific group of procedures that will better meet your list if you are clear about what you need.
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