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It’s very common for Dr. Mulholland’s patients to feel young, as if they were in their 20s. However, they usually say they don’t look like how they feel; their physical appearance just doesn’t match their energetic personalities.

In order to rejuvenate their face and skin, some people may decide to have a facelift done. But there are lots of people who prefer not to do surgery or they can’t take off a few weeks for recovery time. Dr. Mulholland, a Toronto cosmetic surgeon, understood these concerns and formulated a non-surgical facelift called the Pan G lift.

The Pan G lift gives patients a more youthful, tightened appearance in their face. It gives them results similar to a facelift without any surgery or recovery time. There are different components in the Pan G lift such as the MyoFacial, SonoPeel and fillers. They’re all combined in this treatment to combat skin problems. Dr. Mulholland describes how ultrasound and electrical energy delivers and stimulates products into the skin. “These products will penetrate deeply into your skin and stimulate production of collagen, growth of elastin and fade away some of the age spots and sun damage that patients may have developed over the years,” he says.

A few different steps happen in the Pan G lift. First, the face is stimulated with high-voltage current with some resistance. The facial muscles are basically exercised; the droopy facial muscles are pulled while the skin is tightened. Sonopeels, which use ultrasonic energy, remove the outer and dead layers of the skin. Facial injectables are used to plump lines and wrinkles. Botox is injected to smooth out hyperactive facial muscles. MyoFacials strengthen weakened facial muscles which elevates the face. 

Pauline, a 48-year-old magazine editor, had a Pan G lift from Dr. Mulholland. Feeling unhappy with her droopy, wrinkly and red skin and being called “old” by her two children, she felt that this treatment was right for her. “As you get older, you just tend to pay more attention to the flaws. There’s stuff you can do to prevent these things, so I’ll do what I can,” says Pauline.

After finishing a series of Pan G lift treatments, Pauline gets compliments from friends and family on her great skin and face. When asked about how she feels about the results, she expresses her satisfaction. “I think the results are great. My skin is smoother. There’s not this red tinge to it. It’s very even-coloured. The fine lines are pretty much gone. I don’t have frown lines or not nearly as much as I did before. I’m extremely pleased,” says Pauline. 

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