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I am a vitamin and supplement enthusiast. I completely agree with enhancing your already good diet and lifestyle with these vital additions. I sell supplements for good skin and health in my medical spa and advocate it pre and post surgery for my patients to look and feel their best.  I don't agree with using these as a means to balance out poor eating. Supplements can enhance your body, can make your skin look fresh and clear and can give you more energy. Some of the great supplements that have been used commonly in conjunction with great skin care and cosmetic medical treatments are:

vitamin A - orally, helps with acne, stimulates wound healing, antioxidant (can be a topical too)

vitamin B (a complex and balanced formula) - converts EFA's to prostaglandins which control inflammation

vitamin C - prevents free radical damage and helps you produce collagen

vitamin E - prevents free radical damage

L Carnitine - repairs the skin ALA - antioxidant used to fight free radical damage

Coenzyme Q10 - antioxidant which works in the mitochondria and cell membrane and is essential for healthy skin

Omega Oils (3, 6) - fights inflammation

Pycnogenol - protects collagen

DMAE - antioxidant membrane stabilizer, helps prevent free radical damage

I'm not suggesting you go out and buy a bunch of these supplements to look great. First you need to check with your doctor and see if any of these are right for you. Next you need to follow the dosage advice of your doctor. Trying to do this on your own can cause you more issues than you started with! There are many cosmetic medical facilities who have anti-aging programs which incorporate the nutraceutical side of healthy skin. Consulting with a professional in this area is critical before embarking on a program. Once you have made an informed choice, stick to it. Anything worthwhile will take some time to work and see an effect. Also, your cosmetic medical consultant may alter your program from time to time to suit your changing needs. Take a few minutes and do a little research on healthy supplements and book an appointment with your local cosmetic medical anti-aging professional to see if this is right for you. You never know, maybe your best skin is just a supplement away.

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