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Pigmentation disorders and the cosmetic erasers

I see patients everyday who have brown spots, sun damage and uneven skin texture.  This pigmentation is a result of the excess accumulation of melanin in the skin cells.  Sounds simple enough to fix, right?  Wrong!  These conditions require medical skin care and long term maintenance to keep the discolouration under control.  Topical products with hydroquinone work well as well as other topicals like azelic acid, kojic acid, n-acetyl glucosamine and linin peroxidase.  In combination with light based treatments, IPL, these at home use products can help keep troubled spots at bay.  Of course, all of this is for not if you forget your sunscreen.  Sunscreen is the holy grail of the cosmetic industry.  We know it not only prevents your skin from developing pigmentation disorders and cancer but it helps to shield your skin from the damaging rays that degrade your collagen and cause you to age.  Slather on the 60 spf and enjoy the outdoors!

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