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In the past, there has been up to a 20-30% revision rate for patients undergoing rhinoplasty or nose job surgery.  A very large part of these revisions were due to the perceptual and visual expectations of the patient being different from the physicians.  When the patient does not quite understand the kinds of nose shapes that the surgeon can create, it will often lead to unrealistic expectations of the kind of naso-facial harmony that can be achieved and, of course disappointment often follows.

In the old days prior to 3D imaging with preoperative simulation, plastic surgeons have had general discussions of the kinds of improvements that rhinoplasty surgery could achieve, but it would be impossible for most patients to visualize the aesthetic effects these changes would have on facial proportion, shape and appearance.

With the new Vectra 3D Imaging System, the nose job patient preoperative nose and facial shape is captured in multiple views in 3D and with the special Vectra software , the plastic surgeon can walk the patient through all steps of the actual rhinoplasty surgery, including the aesthetic visual impact on nose-face balance with each change.

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