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One of the biggest complaints patients come into my medical spa to treat are under the eye area; eye circles, bags and deep eye troughs.  They age even the youngest of faces and to some degree, are a window into your health.

What causes these bags, circles and troughs?  All three are different causes and all three have different treatments I would reccomend, surgically and non-surgically. 

Let's begin with bags.  These can be caused by two things, fat deposits and fluid build up.  In the first case I can correct this very easily with a lower eye lift.  A small incision is made close to the lash line so it is invisible, and I remove a small amount of the fatty tissue.  There is downtime but the results are spectacular.  If it's fluid, it's a condition called "festoons".  This occurs when the small lymph pumps don't pump well and the fluid builds up in that area.  Quite often these can be corrected by using soft tissue filler in the cheeks to elevate the area of deflation and cause the festoons to soften.  Bags and festoons are difficult to treat and for that reason (and many others), you need to research your treatment options and ensure your service provider or cosmetic plastic surgeon is certified and that this is a common procedure for them to perform.

Circle and tear troughs I will group into one section because often the colour can be associated to the shadow in the hollow that the trough has created.  In this case, it's an easy condition to address with carefully placed soft tissue filler.  The dark cirscled areas which have brown, blue and purple colouring can be hereditary or caused by poor health.  Unlike popular belief that it's treatable with a few stokes of eye cream, this condition is visible because the skin under the eye area is thin and the vessels below are visible through it.  Hence the colours.  Although the application of creams certainly helps in a manual way (massage helps blood flow), you'll require more than a little miracle potion for this condition.  I suggest soft tissue fillers.  By injecting a small amount of filler to the area we can in a sense, lift the skin away from the vessels and create a more dense area where the vessels won't be as visible.  If this is accompanied by a trough, that's an easy fix as well with some filler.  Now this may surprise you but in the case of tear troughs, I don't inject in the trough itself, I inject the cheeks more often than not.  Sounds odd but this is the reason; by lifting the cheeks I can reduce or soften the trough line and avoid the common error with tear troughs which is over filling.  The trough is created by the gradual decent of the cheek that is made from aging.  The injections I reccomend for the cheeks combats that and bring back those youthful contours.

Now I hope you don't get the impression I'm saying that creams don't work.  That's not the case at all and I sell some in my practice.  I am saying that with these conditions you will need a little cosmetic assistance and then use those topicals as maintence at home.  Many of them contain ingredients that can help hydrate and soften the skin keeping it pliable and youthful.

One last thought on the subject of eyes; there is no better way to enhance them non surgically than Latisse.  I've found that when the lashes are longer it draws the attention away from the under eye area and toward the lashes and the focus becaomes the iris colour and the upper lashes. Lash enhancement, I'll save that for another blog.


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