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A new trend we are seeing in cosmetic enhancement is the growing number of couples seeking the experise of a skin rejuvenation specialist.  Whether it is sharing the same dermatologist, the same plastic surgeon or the same cosmetic physician, couples are looking together at a more youthful future. 

As we age gracefully we see little things that each other can improve or correct.  Something as simple as photorejuvenation for sun damage or perhaps something larger like an expanding waist line can prompt your partner to say "hey, why don't you see my MD, they have something for that."  It's not in the vein of changing the other person but to help them be as youthful on the outside as they are on the inside.  It's about supporting each other through the golden years and looking terrific together.  Healthy and happy - that's the goal we all want to achieve, right?

Not all cosmetic specialists see both men and women, some specialize in a particular area of expertise.  If you're looking to share, make sure they take new patients and they will see your partner or spouse.  Often practices have multiple MD's that have areas they focus on.  I have a few dermatologists and a general practicioner in my practice as well as an associate who is a plastic surgeon, like me.  This allows my patients an option when deciding on services and a couple can be patients of my entire practice, moving between all the professionals.  We work in tandum to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. 

There are some clinics that now offer couple rejuvenation packages and focus on the entire experience as chance to embark on together, some even offering the procedures to be performed on the same day.  What better way to recover at home with someone else that knows first hand how you feel.

Your next visit to your cosmetic MD may not be alone, you may catch the couple rejuvenation bug!

Dr. M

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