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SpaMedica CoolSculpting Demonstrate at Park Hyatt Toronto

MedSpa team: Jennifer, Danielle, Lola, Marsha and Laurel


The SpaMedica team and Dr. Mulholland were at Park Hyatt last Thursday evening on February 26 to discuss and demonstrate CoolSculpting. As well with a lot of information to learn, there were h'ordeuvres, refreshments, free consultations and gift bags to enjoy.


The event started off with Dr. Mulholland explaining how prevalent fat removal procedures are in North America now. To be specific, 200,000 liposuction procedures were performed in the U.S in 2013, according to the latest ASPS plastic surgery statistics report.  



Gift bags for the attendees! They contained skincare products, samples and coupons.


Genetics, diet and lifestyle contribute to the widening of people’s waistlines. It’s not just in North America where people have expanding waistlines—people are getting bigger in China, too. Dr. Mulholland says that since fast food is so common in China now, people are heavier than ever. Considering these changes in diet, culture and lack of exercise, fat reduction procedures like liposuction are booming.  


On the flipside, some people just have hereditary fat and can’t get rid of it regardless of diet or exercise. That’s one of the reasons why fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting are so appealing.


What is CoolSculpting?


Dr. Mulholland speaks to Charmaine about her CoolSculpting treatments.

CoolSculpting, a non-surgical fat reduction treatment, uses cold temperatures to permanently kill fat cells from areas where there is unwanted fat. The device sucks fat into a chamber where the temperatures are then dropped below freezing.


The fat cell’s temperature drops to the point where the cell disables and undergoes a permanent death cycle in response to the cold exposure. Up to 22% of the fat cells in the treated area will die. Dr. Mulholland says it’s the least invasive treatment at SpaMedica’s MedSpa.


As long as you maintain your weight, the fat won’t come back. Sometimes after seeing they’ve lost 10 pounds, CoolSculpting patients feel motivated and want to continue losing weight. They see CoolSculpting as a catalyst to keep dropping the pounds. Dr. Mulholland says measurements for final results should be taken 6-10 weeks after treatments—he guarantees noticeable results, and if not, a complimentary treatment will be offered.


Another bonus is that if you do decide to have a surgical procedure in the future, you could put 50% of the cost you paid for CoolSculpting towards that procedure (as long as he’s not retired or dead, Dr. Mulholland quipped).


Live demonstration of CoolSculpting

Claudia shows us how CoolSculpting works.


Claudia, our senior medical aesthetician, prepped Sarah for a CoolSculpting treatment while Dr. Mulholland answered the audience’s questions. Sarah never had the treatment before so she was understandably nervous about it—but after a few minutes, she looked relaxed and comfortable. The treatments are comfortable enough that patients can work or browse on their phones and tablets, which is what Sarah did most of the time.


We were also giving away a free CoolSculpting package that night. We’ll announce who the lucky winner is this Wednesday. Overall, the evening was engaging and informative. Thanks to all of you who came out!

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