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Now that the sun is shining and the coats are being shed it's time to talk about sunscreen again. Protection is the base of all anti- aging regimes and I recommend it to every oen of my patients.
What a lot of people don't realize is that you need to apply enough to have adequate protection. Approximately one ounce per body part is what is recommended. Measuring out the amount for a little while is a good idea until you can eyeball it more acurately.
A full spectrum sunblock is what you need if you are exposed to the sun for any time. Many of us forget about out morning drive to work and the exposure we get throughthe car or bus windows! Apply it in the morning under your make up, wait 15 minutes and then apply your regular make up. Many foundations today have sunscreen however, you often don't apply enough of this product to have the appropriate protection so an additional sunscreen is required.
Spay sunscreens are usually applied so lightly that the spf on the label does not translate acurately - I recommend using these sprays as touch up applications.
Brings me to the reapplication of sunscreen. Reapply everyntwo hours unless sweating - which means oyu need to reapply it more frequently.
Keep a large brimmed hat or baseball cap handy to cover your scalp and provide shade for your face and neck. Loose long sleeve shirts and long pants will keep you covered with a physical barrier tha tis better than sunscreen.
Enjoy the outdoors and keep safe when exposed to the sun. Tanning can only add years to your skin and promotes your risk of skin cancer.

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