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I am often asked whether one should have liposuction or if they should have a non-surgical solution. My answer is always the same, it depends on the condition, the patient, the goals and expectations. The conditions that we treat with liposuction are generally in patients with good medical health, local areas of focal fat and a clear understanding of the risks and downtime needed for liposuction. New techniques make the downtime today much less than previous techniques. A patient can have appreciable results and be back at work in a few days. Certainly they will continue to see contour improvements over a few months as the body heals however, the days of a lot of downtime are gone. Good health is important with liposuction patients because it is a surgical procedure and will require some local or general anesthesia. As well, the body does need to be responding normally to the healing process. Generally patients within a healthy weight range can be candidates for liposuction whereas patients who are obese are more challenging due to the risks associated with the surgery. Realistic goals and expectations are important as the patient has to understand that the focal area of fat will be reduced and new contours will appear however, on their part they must maintain their weight. If their lifestyle doesn't change, the weight will come back in new fat cells and elsewhere on their body.
This brings me to non-surgical contouring. Although I am a plastic surgeon, I don't believe that every case should be treated with a cannula. Again, it's a matter of the patient and what they need. Some patients are adverse to the risks and downtime of surgery while others are simply not candidates as their health precludes them from surgical procedures. I often recommend non-surgical body contouring after liposuction as the patient is healing to speed up the process and to assist with further contouring and shaping. Used as a maintenance program, non-surgical body contouring often will help patients keep thier results from liposuction in check. Non-surgical options range from minimally invasive (liposonix) to completely pain free, low risk and non-invasive options (Velashape, Tite FX, Ultrashape, Smoothshape, Zerona, Venus Freeze, Excilis, Ulthera and many more). Choosing the right option and right energy for your non-surgical treatment will be a discussion you will have with your cosmetic medical physician. Each patient is unique and not all energies are right for everyone. I often blend more than one energy together to obtain the optimal result for my patient.
Either road you choose, starting a body contour program now will help you achieve that beach body for your winter getaway.

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