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I'll be in Houston this weekend training physicians for Cynosure.  Being on the road most weekends has it's challenges and certainly I am not immune to it.  Late nights, early mornings, eating irregularly and dashing between terminals for flights all take a toll on your body and eventually, this will start showing with the visible signs of aging.

If you travel a lot keep in mind that routine is important.  Don't stop working out just because you are out of town and away from the gym.  If the place you are staying hasn't the right equipment or facilities, try something new.  Go for a walk, run, swim or do a simple routine in your hotel room.

Eating while on the road can be a challenge.  I know that I usually start early in the morning and end late at night.  Often there is little time for lunch (which usually ends up being just a snack).  Making the right choices while in restaurants is important and don't feel shy to ask for things to be prepared the way you want them to be.  Ask for less sauce, no dressing, maybe less butter ... all these things will save you a little on your waistline while travelling.  Make sure to pack some snacks so you don't go too long between meals and cause peaks in your blood sugar.  Water water water, need I say more?

Take care fellow travellers and enjoy your journeys.

Dr M


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