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Suddenly I hear the talk in the office among my team that the summer is coming. Time to pull out those summer clothes; see what fits and what doesn't. Also, time to show a little more of what your winter coat was covering up. YIKES. What can we do to smooth out the bumps, slim down the curves and reduce that hair? A lot! In our industry we look at the total potential of each patient - how can we make this beautiful person even better? It's all about improving on what you have. We all have great attributes and some we'd like to change. That's where we come in.

How do I smooth out, trim down, reduce and clarify everything? There are non-surgical and surgical approached, sometimes coined invasive and non-invasive. Of course, as a plastic surgeon, I will tell you that your best approach is surgery, right? WRONG. The best approach is what is best for each patient. I consider your lifestyle, your goals and the foundations of what I am working with, then I build and recommend. I also consider your expectations. When patients say to me "i want to get rid of this or that" I get a little worried. Getting "rid" of something can be a challenge, depending on what it is, and managing that expectation can be even greater an issue if the patient wants a non-surgical option. You see, there is a lot to consider when guiding a patient down the right road for treatments that will meet their needs, match their goals and exceed their expectations.

You should have a full consultation with your medical professional before embarking on any procedure. How will you know for sure that the treatment you think will solve your concern is the best one for you if you don't know all your options? Ask questions, do research and make sure you are prepared. Nothing beats knowledge when making a decision that concerns your body!

Last but not least, check the credentials of the person treating you. Make sure they are certified and have experience with the procedure.

A little preparation beforehand can save you time and money. It can also ensure you're happy with the results.

Dr. M

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Comment by Karen McCord on May 17, 2012 at 11:01am

I really like this approach. Dr. M, you really do look out for all clients/potential clients. Seeking a full consultation by your medical professional before deciding on a specific procedure so make sure we as clients/patients are getting what we really need.


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